Training – A Roadmap to Building Your Business Pipeline

EMK offers various training programs based on the EMK Practice Growth System, which covers topics that are critical for professionals to be well versed in for client development purposes.

These programs are designed to provide professionals with practical advice they can use right away.  At EMK, we understand your time is at a premium, and so we offer our training programs in various time frames – ranging from a one-hour overview to several sessions over a period of time.

Two sample program descriptions are as follows:

 “Marketing and Business Development Overview – The Keys to Building a Successful Practice”

This program provides a comprehensive overview of how a professional can market themselves and their firm and develop business.  Topics include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Developing a Strengths-Based Marketing & Business Development Plan
  • Clarifying Your Message
  • Actively Marketing Yourself to Generate Business
  • Retaining Clients and Getting More Work

Also covered are key ways to generate business:

  • Networking
  • Referrals
  • Relationship Building
  • Thought Leadership
    • Writing/Appearing in the Media
    • Speaking
  • Professional/Community Involvement

“Professional Networking”

Networking opportunities exist everywhere – not just at events. Therefore, it is important for professionals to be knowledgeable about networking and have their message clarified and prepared, as networking can turn into business development opportunities and new client work.

This program provides a comprehensive overview of networking.  Topics include:

  • Why Network?
  • Different Ways to Network
  • Finding Networking Opportunities
  • Elevator Speech
  • Event Tips/How to Work a Room
  • Importance of Follow-up and How to Follow-up
  • Relationship Building

We can offer additional training programs on any of the above sub topics.  Our programs emphasize collaboration, engagement and interactivity in ways that are designed to empower our clients to reach their business development goals.

Let our range of expert training services set your firm on the road to business development improvement and success!

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