• “Since Ellen started working with our firm, our media placements and marketplace visibility have grown exponentially.  This exposure is particularly important for businesses who may not have immediate brand recognition, and it has helped us to attain a critical share of top-of-mind awareness in people seeking services in our sector (IP Law).  I often describe Ellen’s talents as “magical.”  Her guidance, intuition, knowledge and network are all impressive, and she is a pleasure to work with.”

Karen Borofsky, Director of Administration, Lando & Anastasi, LLP

  • “I’’ve known Ellen first as a client and now as a friend. In both relationships, she’s the best!  Ellen is more than just a “business development” coach; she’s also a life coach. And a good one at that. I came to Ellen as a business litigator of 28 years, feeling stale in my business development efforts and skills, and seeking her help in getting more business litigation. In weekly sessions, Ellen asked these deviously insightful questions that got me thinking.  To sum up, Ellen can most definitely help you get more business, as advertised.

Julie Frohlich, Sr. Staff Attorney, Veteran’s Legal Services

  • “I highly recommend Ellen Keiley. She has been very supportive in multiple ways to my career and to others I know. She has a real knack for getting lawyers placed in publications and did a great job walking me through the media interview process. Also, Ellen has a wonderful ability to connect with audiences. I have participated in her programs in the Women’s Bar Association and have read her articles in Lawyers Weekly, and have found her to be knowledgeable and informative about legal marketing and business development. She’s also responsive and pleasure to work with.”
  • “I started working with Ellen because I needed to do some work building my organization’s brand. She was extremely effective in accomplishing all that we set out to do for PR. Our work sessions also built in some executive coaching, which was a plus, and she made very helpful suggestions for networking. I look forward to working with Ellen again in the future.”
  • “Ellen is a gift. She helped me reframe how I thought about business development and now I actually look forward to it! She also helped me structure my approach so it’s streamlined and measurable. And if that wasn’t sufficient, she also introduced to me to some key connections. Thank you Ellen!”
  • “Ellen opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about networking. She transformed my reluctance into confidence. She helped me see that I already had the skills I needed. Ellen is a gifted teacher. She encourages her clients to use their strengths and their natural way of being, when approaching a networking opportunity. Her strategies for building a business are sound and easy to customize to any business. Ellen models the skills she teaches—she has generously shared contacts and information that have helped me to expand my network and practice. As a result of Ellen’s coaching, I have received several referrals and new clients.”
  • “When it comes to helping develop business, Ellen Keiley is exceptional. She is strategic, creative and energetic and understands the key to business development for those in professional services: cultivating and maintaining individual relationships that are both professional and personal. She is so active in the Greater Boston business community, especially among women’s organizations, that her ability to help her clients make and build connections seems endless. She is an invaluable resource!”
  • Ellen injects positive energy into a law firm.  It’s a mistake to downplay the value of that. It’s a very important component for a law firm to have.”
  • Over the past two years, Ellen has provided me with one-on-one business development counseling and advice. Ellen listened and tailored her advice to fit my strengths and to set concrete, but achievable goals. Ellen also provided me with a number of great opportunities to market myself through her vast network of contacts in the legal and business communities. Ellen is a consummate professional.
  • Ellen has been a wonderful coach and mentor for me. She came highly recommended by a mutual friend, and I realized very quickly why her work is so highly regarded. I’ve worked with her while launching a new role that I created – one that involves marketing, business development, and client work. Ellen has helped me set ambitious goals and then implement practices to achieve those goals and make this new role successful. I’ve been very fortunate to have her as a coach during this time.
  • “I highly recommend Ellen for her energy and results-oriented advice and assistance. Ellen helped me tremendously while at S&L. She helped me focus my marketing efforts and opened some doors to publications I otherwise would not have had access to.”
  • “Ellen is a fantastic business development coach and takes a strategic, proactive and innovative approach to business development opportunities. Additionally, Ellen has outstanding contacts at the highest levels and has incredible networking abilities. I recommend Ellen in the highest regard. She is very responsive and a true professional.”
  • “I worked with Ellen when she was Director of Business Development at Sherin and Lodgen and then while she was a Consultant for the firm, and I am pleased to recommend her. Ellen is a skilled business development coach and helped me with business development planning and staying on track with my activities. Ellen was also helpful in securing media opportunities for myself and the firm. I enjoyed working with Ellen.”
  • “Ellen brings a big-picture strategic vision to the organization with seamless execution. Her initiative and PR outcomes in both print and radio helped deliver validity to our organization. Beyond these skills, I would be remiss not to mention Ellen’s outstanding contacts in the business and political community. Her connections enabled a letter from the mayor as well as high-level Conference speakers who advanced our national organization’s strategic goals. Ellen is a highly professional individual who brings vision and passion to every project we have tackled.”
  • “Ellen has taken a strategic and proactive approach to our organization and making positive change that is contributing to the success of our short-term and long-term goals. Her efforts have already increased sponsorship and motivated/engaged board members. Ellen is a strong leader with an impressive network of contacts, and she leverages her contacts to benefit our organization.  Her inspiring words, actions and emotions propel us to go beyond our preconceived limits. It is a pleasure working with Ellen.”
  • “I worked with Ellen years ago and I still look to Ellen for marketing and PR advice. Ellen is ultimately an incredible people person. Her facility with others is what sets her apart. She can make people feel comfortable, capable and important all at the same time. As a result she is able to quickly build rapport which leads to lasting connections. Ellen’s network is really mind boggling. She knows everyone in Boston and is always connecting others. I look forward to working with her again.”
  • “Ellen Keiley is a very focused marketing and development Professional. She has become a MASTER NETWORKER and one who knows how to work a room and put people together. She tirelessly is involved in business and civic organizations for the betterment of her firm, those that she touches, and the greater world!”
  • “Ellen is incredibly motivated, proactive and highly skilled in business development and marketing, and is a pleasure to work with.  Ellen combines excellence at her job with a positive outlook and sense of humor.  She consistently pursues new ideas and has worked with me and others to identify concrete opportunities for direct business development and indirect networking.  She is persistent, thoughtful and organized, and adds real value when involved in a business development effort, from identifying opportunities, thinking through and addressing challenges and ensuring that the utmost attention to detail is given to presentation.  Ellen is a true people person and seems to be constantly thinking about how she can make connections between and among her wide network of contacts.  It is a pleasure to work with Ellen.”
  • “Ellen has a wonderful ability to identify connections between people and opportunities. She is a great listener and I appreciate her insight and ideas.”
  • “Ellen is a highly skilled marketing and business development professional and a true leader. She is well networked and very active in the business community.”
  • “Ellen has incredible relationship skills, is a great listener, an impressive strategic thinker and she is impactful in her work.”
  • “Ellen has outstanding interpersonal skills, and utilizes those skills to assist in building meaningful business and professional relationships. She is selfless, and takes pride in the success of those she is supporting.”
  • “Ellen is a focused yet strategic thinker, and is proactive in her marketing and business development activities.  We regularly discussed different ways and methods by which we could identify business opportunities.  Ellen finds a way to connect people when the connection is not readily apparent.  Ellen has the highest level of integrity and is a natural leader.  I hope to work with her again in the future.”
  • “Ellen was thoughtful about developing strategies to effectively make new connections, and showed real understanding of how to work in complex organizations and showed great initiative in seeking new or expanding current business development opportunities.  It was a pleasure to work with her.”
  • “Ellen knows how to bring a community together, inspire a group toward a common action, and leverage the assets of each volunteer and leader to create positive change.”
  • “Ellen worked with me on a variety of marketing projects, and her attention to detail and follow thorough always impressed me.  She took the initiative by ruminating on what we had discussed and devising ways in which we could improve upon our original idea. Of her own accord, Ellen would also research my area and bring marketing ideas and potential clients to me so that we might discuss how to increase the Firm’s marketing share in that industry or make a pitch to the potential client.  Her enterprising nature and enthusiasm also made Ellen a pleasure to work with.  To this day, whenever I am marketing, I think fondly of Ellen and wish I had her right along side of me.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
  • “Ellen’s business acumen and relationship building are second to none.”
  • “Ellen has a high level of honesty and integrity. Ellen is proactive, energetic, and a strategic thinker.  She is a great networker, knows how to connect the dots, and is very active in the Boston business community.  Ellen always looks to identify opportunities for others, and she does what she says she is going to do.  Ellen was a pleasure to work with.”
  • “Ellen is an outstanding marketing professional.  She seems to know everyone in the legal and business community of Boston and has made critical connections on behalf of my organization.  She is a strategic thinker and tremendously knowledgable about the inner workings of business marketing.  Ellen is able to finess a message to hit the target audience right in their sweet spot.  I have yet to see anyone say “no” to her.”
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