• Public Relations/Media Placement

  • Business Development Coaching & Consulting

  • Marketing Consulting

Public Relations/Media Placement Services

Do you want your firm to stand out from the competition? Establish yourself as an expert is your field? Or boost your prospects in a competitive job market? EMK leverages longstanding media relationships and marketing expertise to help individuals and businesses develop memorable brand identities that command attention, foster confidence, and set you or your firm up for success.

EMK offers a proven track record of gaining our clients consistent media placements and increased brand visibility in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, The Boston Globe, and Lawyers Weekly. We also make strategic connections for our clients. Some of the specific public relations services we offer include:

  • Getting clients interviewed, quoted, and profiled in the media
  • Getting clients’ articles placed in the media
  • Strategic Connections
  • Identifying award nominations
  • Securing speaking opportunities
  • Providing assistance with securing board and committee opportunities
  • Writing press releases
  • Providing ghost writing

EMK specializes in working with individuals and professional services firms – including the real estate, legal, accounting, finance, nonprofit, and consulting industries – to implement more effective marketing and PR strategies.

Business Development Coaching & Consulting

Certified Coaching

EMK is recognized for its ability to work with professionals on how to market themselves more effectively and develop business more strategically. Whether a new manager, associate or a senior-level partner, we work with our clients to develop a strategy and individualized plan that will work for them using the EMK Practice Growth System.

Individual and Firm Marketing and Business Development Plans

EMK has the unique ability to support firms and individuals in marketing themselves more effectively and developing business more intentionally. We provide high-level strategic direction and design dynamic marketing and/or business growth plans tailored to each client’s specific goals and objectives.

Professional Networking Guidance

Effective networking requires an investment of time and effort to establish and maintain professional relationships that are mutually beneficial. EMK offers customized strategies and support for expanding your network to help build your brand, grow your business, and achieve your career goals, include advice on attending events.


EMK offers a variety of training programs based on the EMK Practice Growth System, which cover topics that are critical for professionals to be well-versed for client development purposes. These programs are designed to provide professionals with practical advice they can use right away.  At EMK, we understand your time is at a premium, and so we offer our training programs in various time frames – ranging from a one-hour overview to several sessions over a period of time.

Marketing Consulting Services

The EMK team provides comprehensive marketing consulting services that help our clients grow. We will guide you in maximizing your marketing budget by clarifying your goals, identifying your customers, and determining the ideal strategy to build your brand and your business – efficiently and effectively.

Content Development

Great content is essential to capturing your audience’s attention, conveying your brand story, and reinforcing a positive company image. From blog articles to brochures to digital platforms, our expert team will create unique marketing content that informs, engages, and moves the needle.

Ghost Writing

If writing is not your strong suit, let EMK help you establish yourself as a thought leader by sharing your ideas, insights, and experiences. Our professional ghostwriters will partner with you on projects ranging from white papers and feature articles to blog posts and e-books.    

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website may look terrific, but it will not drive business if search engines cannot find you. Our SEO specialists focus on improving the quantity and quality of traffic to your website, maximizing your visibility so you get the most out of your online investment.

 Social Media

When used purposefully, social media can build brand image and loyalty, shape public opinion, and drive word-of-mouth referrals. EMK will create and manage every detail of your social strategy – from content creation and scheduling to monitoring and reporting – to ensure success.

 Website and Brochure Design

Whether you are creating a website or a digital or print brochure, you need to stand out in the crowded marketplace in order to connect with prospective clients or customers and win their business. EMK creates impactful websites and call-to-action marketing materials with your message – and your mission – in mind.





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